Buenos Aires : learn how to dance Argentine tango

Photo Buenos Aires : learn how to dance Argentine tango

Are you sick and tired of your daily routine and stressful life? Are you looking for something new to spice up your life? Learning to dance the Argentine tango will help you relax and live more interesting experience. By traveling to Argentina, you can learn the dance from native people, discover new culture, see the sights, and make new friends.

Tango is a dance from Argentina and Uruguay. It is known as the dance of sorrow and failing love. It originated from poor rural areas to express their feeling about human fatality. You dance tango with a partner. In spite of the negative themes in tango, the music is lively and rhythmic. Tango dancers dance all night with their partners. Tango dance has five steps: slow, slow, quick, quick, slow.

What are the different types of tango?

To name just a few, here are some of the most enjoyable tango dances:

  •  Tango Nuevo which is the most popular
  •  Salon or Fantasia which is performed in the salons. This is also danced by many people.
  •  Show tango, including embellishments, acrobatics and solo moves.
  •  Estilo milonguero with which the couple dancers lean against each other from chest-to-chest. It is so romantic.

Where can we find schools for Argentine tango?

The best way to learn tango dancing is going to Argentina. There, you can learn from local schools and experienced teachers. Besides, it gives you an opportunity to spend a vacation in Argentina,  discover a new culture and lifestyle. Here is a list of the most renowned tango dance schools to choose from:

  •  Carlod di Sarli, Fairbanks Argentina
  •  La Viruta
  •  Escuela Mariposta
  •  Escuela de Tango
  •  D'Anienzo
  •  Troilo
  •  Pugliese

The dance course duration varies from two to four, to eight, to twelve weeks. If you plan to become a professional tango dancer, then you should opt for the long-term course. Argentina is a Spanish-speaking country. However, the ability to speak Spanish is not required in most schools.

The program fee is around USD 1140.00. All schools offer courses are for beginners, intermediate and advanced level participants. Individual classes and group classes are also available. Therefore, enrollment to tango dance courses is tailored to your needs. Participants also have the opportunity to attend tango dance clubs to fully immerse in the tango culture.

More instructions for tango dance lovers

To effectively learn to dance tango and live its culture, it is advisable to go to Argentina and join a school. Before going, find a school among the suggested ones, send your application online, and confirm your registration.  When you get a letter of invitation from the school to join the courses, then, it is time to book a flight and find the most convenient accommodation for you and your partner.

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